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Ihatovo Monogatari (Super Famicom) 8/19/2012

 Ihatovo Monogatari was released in 1993 exclusively for the Super Famicom. This game interested me the moment I saw it the cover art was so alluring. Luckly the games not to expensive, so I was able to get it fairly easily. In Ihatovo Monogatari you play as a man who has to collect things (the games completely in Japanese so I really don't know what its about) and talk to people and even teach people at one point. He gets on a train too. In all seriousness this game is based loosely off Kenji Miyazawa stories (which I had never heard of previously ,and they say you can't learn from games).

In the ending sequence you actually meet Miyazawa ,and get on a train with him to "The real world",(Quote from Wikipedia check it out if you've never heard of it) apparantly this entire game takes place in some alternate world or something.So far i've established that the story is incomprehensible to non Japanese speakers , so whats so good about this game? Well its probably the music which was composed by Tsukasa Tawada who also worked on Earth Defense Force, Keio Flying Squadron 1 and 2 and Moon Crystal to name a few, Earth Defense Force being my favorite of those.The music in this game has a certain almost "homelike" feeling to it (especially the Ihatovo City theme) that I cant really explain.

As for gameplay it would probably be considered an adventure game with the look of an rpg, but all you really do in this game is explore areas and collect things (which is interesting enough) theirs no leveling or anything like that. Overall I throughly enjoyed this game ,even if was completely unable to understand the story. Sadly I dont think their will ever be a translation of this game ,but you never know. Till then i'll enjoy it for what it is unreadable symbols , great music and interesting box art.


Muscle bomber the body explosion (fm towns marty) 3/31/12

Muscle Bomber The Body Explosion (also known as Saturday Night Slam Masters in the U.S) is a wrestling game released by Capcom in 1993. The game was originally released for the arcades ,and then later on ported to the Snes, Genesis and FM Towns. Today we'll be looking at the Fm Towns version. This version is by far the best version ,and is a near arcade perfect port. 

There are ten characters to choose from including:

*Aleksey Zalazof

*Lucky Colt

*Mysterious Budo

*Titan the Great

*El Stinger

*Mike Macho Hagger

*Sheep the Royal

*"Missing IQ" Gomes (What???)

*Kimala the Bouncer 

*The Astro

Some of these characters have relation to characters from ,the Street Fighter and Final Fight universes. Such as Titan the Great who was at one time a tag team partner with Birdie from Street Fighter. Theres also Hagger who is actually one of the main characters from Final Fight. So now on to the gameplay like most fighting/wrestling games ,the first thing you'll do is choose your character. I decided to play as El Stinger who is a Mexican luchador and a generally fast character. 

On my first try I managed to get through three fights before finally losing (I cant remember exactly what character I lost to but whoever it was they suck..)  Soon after a few more trys I started to notice this game isn't very easy (Unless you play on easy mode I guess?). I being a man who has never been very good at fighting games was having a tuff time. So finally I gave up ,and now with the feeling of a broken man I bow to this game (Don't cry). 

So yeah this game is hard (atleast to me) ,but with that being said its still a must own if you own a Fm Towns computer or a Marty. 

 (There was also a Sequel to this game called Super Muscle Bomber - The International Blowout and a remade version for the PC Engine Duo called Muscle Bomber Duo Heat Up Warriors)


Necrovision (PC) 3/28/12

 Necrovision is a first person shooter released exclusively for PC in 2009. This game didn't get much publicity when it was released ,which is sad because I quite enjoyed this game. The game is set in WW1 where you play as a lone soldier named Simon Bukner. The gameplay is similar to the Serious Sam series. Just like in Serious Sam you are constantly being bombarded by enemys. This can get quite overwhelming at times ,but for the most part its fun. There are many different types of enemys in this game from German soldiers to vampires to zombies.
There are boss battles in Necrovision ,and most are quite fun and challenging. The story in this game is pretty bad ,but the terrible voice acting makes it much... funnier. I think its quite fair to say that most people who play this aren't looking for a good story anyway. What their looking for is a fun game with constant killing to entertain them for hours ,atleast that's what I was looking for.... BLOOD! In conclusion I would recommend this to any blood thirsty man (or woman) who wants to kill Germans and vampires among other things. So pretty much everyone right?
 (Theres also a prequel to this game called Necrovision: Lost Company ,which I do own but have yet to play.)

Alone In the dark: inferno (PS3) 3/27/12

Alone In The Dark was originally released for the 360, Wii and PS2. The reviews for these versions weren't so great. They were filled with many bugs and generally weren't good (actually i'm not sure about the Wii and PS2 versions i've heard there completely different games). The developer decided to postpone the release of the PS3 version ,and take the time to fix some of the bugs and glitches. 

The end result of there efforts was a much better game. The story in this game is quite confusing ,and a little hard to follow. While the story at least in my opinion is not so great ,the gameplay is Magnificent (<---Big Word). In this game you can pickup and use just about anything ,and also combine them. Lets say you have a Lighter, Cloth and some Liquor ,you can make a molotov. Your inventory in this game is your jacket (I personally think this is really cool).

You will do quite a bit of fighting in this game (the only way to permanently kill an enemy is to burn them) ,but the core of the game is the puzzles. Most of the puzzles in this game are quite fun ,and are never too frustrating. While I did have a few moments of anger every now and again. 

Bottom line is if you were disappointed by the 360 version of this game ,then give this one a try. 


genocide squared (FM towns marty) 3/26/12


Genocide Squared is a side scrolling action game released in 1993. This version of the game features both Genocide 1 ,and Genocide 2. Genocide 2 was also released on the Sharp X68000 ,but renamed Genocide 2: Master Of Communion. It was also released for Super Famicom but was quite different from the other versions I believe. 

This game is one of the better games you can buy on the Fm Towns Computer or Marty. I've been trying to track this game down for awhile so I happy to finally have it. In both Genocide 1 and 2 you play as a mech who's goal is to kill everything on screen. I'm sure there may be some story to this game ,but I haven't really been able to find any information so fuck the story. 

Gameplay in these games is quite simple you strike with the B button ,and jump with the A button. Your goal is to kill everything in the area once you have done that an arrow will appear telling you to go on. I prefer the second Genocide over the first Genocide ,as it fills a little easier to maneuver your character.

Theres really not much else I can say about these games besides there fun ,and if you have a Marty or an Fm Towns Computer then its a must own.  


doshin the giant (Gamecube) 3/2/12

Doshin The Giant was originally released in 1999 in Japan only for the Nintendo 64DD ,and was later ported to the Gamecube in 2002. This time it was also released in Europe. The basic idea of the game is that you play as a giant who has two personalitys one called Doshin and one called Jashin.Doshin is the kind and gentle personality ,and Jashin is the evil and cruel personality.

The game is set on a randomly generated island called Barudo with deformable terrain. There are inhabitants on Barudo ,and your goal is to make them build all 15 monuments for each tribal village. You can either build a love or hate version of each monument. When you build all 15 monuments you beat the game ,or not? 

I've known about this game for awhile ,and finally decided a few months ago to pick it up. I bought the PAL Gamecube version so it would be in English. Even though their is a goal in this game. I found it more fun to just wonder aimlessly lowering and heightening terrain.

The game is fairly cheap and easy to find so I say if your interested BUY IT.



Jake hunter: detective chronicles (DS) 3/1/12

 Originally Released as Tantei Jingūji Saburō DS: Inishie no Kioku. Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles is a English translation of the mentioned game above. You play as a man named Jake Hunter (or Saburō Jingūji as he's known in Japan). The game plays more like a Visual Novel than an Adventure Game to me. As that you can't die and theirs not that much to interact with but that's just me. You get three stories to play through in this version including:

*The Petty Murder of a Fragile Heart*

 In this episode a young girl is found dead in a park and you must investigate the reason behind this incident. Simple enough right?

*Seaside City Conspiracy* 

This time around you are investigating a women who's gone missing and theirs a few twists along the way.

*Crash and Burn* 

Cant say much about this one since I haven't played through it yet. This episode probably has something to do with a something Crashing and Burning.  

The gameplay is all menu based with multiple options to choose from. I particularly like the option to lite a cigarette which allows you to assess your situation and pretty much works as the hint system.

In conclusion if you've played a Visual Novel or Snatcher-esque style adventure game you will probably enjoy this game.


It also should be noted that the Tantei Jingūji Saburō is quite popular in Japan and is one of the best selling adventure games series ever. There was another game released in US  for this series called Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past. This game has the same three episode as this one plus three more. They also fixed some of the translation errors as well. I do own this game as well but haven't played it yet. 

hard to be a god (PC) 1/1/12

Hard To Be A God is a action Rpg released in 2007 Exclusively for PC. A retail copy was released in Europe and it is available for digital download in the U.S. I've had this game for along time and since there's very little information about it I thought I would give a very very small bump in popularity. The game takes place directly after the events of the book also Called Hard To Be A God. The book was originally wrote in 1964 by two Russian guys who smell really good IMO. Obesity could have been an issue?

 This games pretty good CHECK IT OUT!!




Disaster: day of crisis (Wii) 12/31/11

Disaster: Day Of Crisis was released in 2008 exclusively for Wii ,and sadly never saw the light of day in the U.S. SON OF BITCH!! DANG IT!!. Luckily for us English speaking folk the game was released in Europe and Australia. That means the game is available in English if your still confused. This game is really really good you wanna know why? Well because Tsunamis , Hurricanes , and Fire Tornado's are cool.

The game also has a very nice mix of game genres ,and uses the best that motion control has to offer and for some reason when I play this game I get a slight Metal Gear Solid vibe which is probably because my hands are deformed. LONG,LONG,LONG,LONG story short Disaster: Day Of Crisis Is Great Game CHECK IT OUT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!



Mad Stalker  Full Metal Force (FM Towns )  12/24/11

 Mad Stalker Full Metal Force was released in 1994 for the Fm Towns/Fm Towns Marty it was also released for the x68000 the same year and then remade in 1997 for the PS1. I finally was able to track this game down after looking for many months. I had to use Yahoo Auctions Japan to get it but it was completely worth it. The game is a beat 'em up and you play as a mech and fight other mechs so how could you go wrong. I wont give away too much about the game because i'm planning to do a review soon. I will say THIS GAME GOOD JUST LIKE TAR?!


Curse 3/8/11

Curse is a SHMUP for the Sega Megadrive ,and one of my favorite shooters for the system unfortunetly it was never released in North America or Europe. The best part of this game is the music in my opinion. I uploaded the entire soundtrack on Youtube which I will embed at the bottom of this post.

 Theres not really a story at all that I know of ,but it is still a great game to check out ,so if you happen to see one on Ebay for a decent price (around $30-$40) pick it up if your into SHMUPS.


(This game also has some of the coolest box art ive ever seen.)


Captain Rainbow 12/18/10

Captain Rainbow is a game released for the Wii in Japan on August 28, 2008. I dont think we will ever get this game in America ,and I dont think many people in the US or Europe know about it. I do own this game and have played it a little bit. I couldn't really make much out of it since its all in Japanese. Their is a translation in progress for this game ,and it seems to be coming along nicely.

 Here Is A Link To The Fan Translation Site If Your Interested In Seeing How Close They Are From Being Done


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